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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non invasive holistic healing technique. A reflexologist will apply pressure to the specific reflexes that link to corresponding organs or body parts. This creates a healing response, that can relieve tension and pain, provide detoxification, improve many body functions, and promote general well being.


Modern reflexology is based on an ancient form of therapy. North American tribes of Indians are known to have practiced a form of foot therapy for hundreds of years. Additionally, there is evidence of foot and hand therapy being practiced in China and Egypt as long ago as 4000 BC.

How Can Reflexology Help?

• Treating Plantar Fasciitis and other foot discomfort
• Increasing blood flow, oxygen and circulation
• Reducing pain, stress, and tension
• Improving IBS, constipation, insomnia, and migraines
• Balancing hormones and menopausal issues
• Assisting in reducing Chemotherapy side effects
• Managing symptoms of MS and pregnancy
• Helping ailments associated with old age
• Inducing labour and easing post natal problems

Reflexology stimulates reflexes in the feet that correspond to organs or body parts thereby:

What to expect from a Reflexology Treatment:

When you arrive for your Reflexology appointment we will discuss your health and any concerns you may be having. We will also discuss what you would like to gain from your Reflexology treatment. To begin the treatment you will be nestled in a comfortable recliner (with your socks and shoes off) and a warm shoulder wrap with a cup of rooibos tea. A lotion will be applied and is used to work the reflexes and massage your  feet. During your Reflexology treatment you will be immersed in a warm and relaxing environment. If you prefer to engage in conversation or enjoy a quiet session, it's up to you.

How will you feel after your Reflexology Treatment?

Everyone is unique, but many people experience deep relaxation. Some people feel energized, while other people feel tired. When the reflexes are worked  it can result in a detoxifying effect on the body. Depending on your body and stress level, it will determine how you feel after after your reflexology treatment.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition of the plantar fascia (connective tissue on the sole of the foot). It is often caused by overuse of the fascia or arch tendon of the foot. Plantar Fasciitis is a very common condition if not looked after properly.

Injury to the fascia and tendons are usually the result of an accumulation of microscopic tears which causes the formation of scar tissue. The pain is usually felt on the underside of the heel, in the arch, and metatarsals. Plantar Fasciitis is often most intense with the first few steps of the day with eventual probability of ankle and knee pain.


  • Reflexology

  • Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

  • Sports Treatments

  • Spa Treatments

  • Relaxor/De-stressor Treatment

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Detox Treatments

  • Combination Treatments


All prices are subject to GST.

Covered under some extended heath plans.


“I have received a sports massage from Marion for Achilles Tendinitis and tight leg muscles every Friday for the last year. When we train as runners, we are consistently stressing our bodies, and in particular the muscles that propel us forward, leading to a wear and tear on the body. Not only do runners commonly have tight, sore muscles, but overuse injuries are very common due to all of the physical exertion involved.” 


- Richard

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