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Marion Sahlmann

RCRT# 31607

Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist

My name is Marion, and I was born in Vancouver BC. Many years ago, I started a journey into self discovery.  My passionate interest in Aromatherapy led the way to embracing Reflexology. Combining the two therapies seemed a natural fit for me. In 2004, I received my certification in Reflexology and used it to help my family and friends, leading to referrals and clients.


Eager to explore other natural healing modalities, I also trained in Reiki, Massage, and more recently EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).


In April 2010, I joined a team of professional Reflexologists, furthering my foot massage techniques in helping people with painful foot conditions.


Since that time, I have continued to upgrade my Reflexology skills in treating foot pain. My journey led towards healing and helping others and it has been an honour to assist so many clients on their healing journey. 

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