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"My feet hurt so much for the first half hour or so, I did not want to get out of bed, after that they just ached. After just four treatments from Marion, I had very little or no pain in the morning and all day. Now I have a treatment every four to six weeks, it feels so good I feel like I am walking on air after each treatment.” 


- Brian W. 

“I was lucky enough to find Marion through a friend who was absolutely certain that she would be able to help me with my feet, and I am amazed at how much my feet have improved since seeing Marion. I have bunions and one foot was very cramped. Marion's reflexology work and her wealth of knowledge in all things concerning feet have made a huge difference. I'm now moving pain free and have regained mobility. I now also (this is just as important) know what to do to help my particular situation including exercises and helpful shoes. Marion is very intuitive and has a lot of experience. I can very highly recommend her.” 


- Ingrid Stevenson

“My feet feel so good, they feel like they’ve been adjusted.” 


- R.H.

“Marion's reflexology skills have given me my mojo back! From not being able to walk without pain to back dancing again, I am so grateful for her skill her, professionalism, and her kindness.”


- K. Nickason 

“I have received a sports massage from Marion for Achilles Tendinitis and tight leg muscles every Friday for the last year. When we train as runners, we are consistently stressing our bodies, and in particular the muscles that propel us forward, leading to a wear and tear on the body. Not only do runners commonly have tight, sore muscles, but overuse injuries are very common due to all of the physical exertion involved.” 


- Richard

“I was very fortunate to have an ‘Energy Balance’ treatment from Marion Sahlmann recently. I was feeling at odds with myself, not quite sure what exactly was troubling me. After this treatment I am happy to say I came away feeling grounded and peaceful. My mind no longer going in ten different directions, and my sleeping improved! I am looking forward to more treatments in the future.” 


- Wendy Pecnik, RMT

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