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• Classic Foot Treatment

This treatment works reflexes on the feet, bringing about deep healing throughout the body.


Length: 45 Minutes     Price: $60.00

• Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

For plantar fasciitis or foot pain, our combined session with applied pressure and deep massage targets specific muscles, tendons, and ligaments bringing about pain relief in the feet.


Length: 45 Minutes     Price: $65.00

• Sports Treatment

This one hour treatment starts with a deep calf massage, then achilles work, in combination with our ‘Classic Foot Treatment’, offering a complete treatment for your sore legs and feet.


Length: 60 Minutes     Price: $75.00

• Hand Treatment

This thirty minute reflexology treatment, will leave your hands feeling amazing.


Length: 30 Minutes     Price: $40.00

• Deluxe Foot & Hand Treament

This one hour treatment includes working reflexes, muscles, tendons in the hands and forearms In combination with our ‘Classic Foot Treatment’.


Length: 60 Minutes     Price: $70.00

Other Reflexology Treatments

• Relaxer/De-stressor

The relaxer/destressor is a deeply relaxing holistic treatment to melt tension and anxiety, with additional attention to the adrenal reflexes. The treatment is then finished with relaxing hot stones on the feet and legs.


Length: 45 minutes     Price: $70.00

• The Detox

A targeted reflexology session to promote detoxification, customized to your specific needs. 
This amazing treatment starts with a detoxifying foot soak (a special blend of natural minerals and ingredients), includes a detox tea (special blend), followed by a relaxing targeted reflexology session.


Length: 60 minutes     Price: $70.00

• Lymphatic Drainage

This is a specialized reflexology treatment, that helps drain the lymphatic system in the body.  A special blend of essential oils and specific movements are used, to enhance the drainage and help move fluid that has been impeded.


Length: 45 Minutes     Price: $70.00

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